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emo ritz chips

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[19 Aug 2005|03:35pm]


The Michigan Independent captures the essence of that do-it-yourself ethic as lived by members of more than 30 creative projects from across the Great Lakes State. Featuring performances and interview footage from bands such as Small Brown Bike, Chiodos, Thunderbirds Are Now, Kid Brother Collective, Fordirelifesake, Heads Will Roll, Rescue, Spit for Athena, the film takes a look at the tightly-wound interpersonal web that is Michigan's independent music community and takes you directly to the musicians, record labels, writers, promoters, photographers, designers, and activists that make it all happen. "It is an inspirational documentary of independent rock bands in Michigan who epitomize the do-it-yourself ethic" says Sound The Sirens magazine.

For more information, to view a trailer or to purchase a copy visit : www.acutestrecords.com/tmi

Footage of: The Amputation, Bedford Drive, Bloodlined Caligraphy, Capture The Flag. Calling All Heroes, Charlevoix, The Chiodos Bros, Darling of Paris, The Decomposition of Us, Elkion Records, Ettison Clio, Flint City Tshirts, Fordirelifesake, Heads Will Roll, Hope For August, Idle Kids Books & Records, Kid Brother Collective, Lisboa, Once A Hero, Rescue, Sah, The Sea, The Sea, Small Brown Bike, South Bay Bessie, Spit For Athena, Stand Up Jack! Zine, Thunderbirds Are Now, Today I Wait, Towanda Zine Distro, Two Stars Burning Sun, Vertical Verve Records, VG Kids Screenprinting, Woodshed Studio
Watch me bruise and bleed for you

[14 Dec 2004|07:20pm]

[ mood | bored as hell. ]



I am the one who designed this journal,

it still has a few things to be fixed but I think its good for now.

 //Well since no one else is really a member yet im just going to leave it at this



Watch me bruise and bleed for you

[09 Oct 2004|02:28pm]

[ mood | calm ]

I am the founder of this community. In this community you can post whatever you want. I will not put up with poeple posting stuff about the following. avril levine or how ever you spell that posuers last name, rap, and anything thtas has to do with mtv. I would liek to thank Melissa (X ourlovesong) for the customazations and fixing the community.

Watch me bruise and bleed for you

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